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Production Control & Purchasing (Logistic)

PT Fujitsu Ten Manufacturing Indonesia
Fujitsu Ten Manufacturing Indonesia announced established since February 14, 2013.
The manufacturing company will be established 100% through our investment, and we plan to build a factory with a total floor space of 11,000㎡in the Cileungsi Bogor of West Jawa. The factory will produce car audio related products such as CD tuners and display audio, and automobile electronic equipment, such as engine control and airbag control electronic equipment.

Production Control & Purchasing (Logistic)
Bogor (Jawa Barat) - Cileungsi
"Mainly Responsibilities ""Logistic and warehouse Control""
  • Stock Control including making plan of stock days and Inventory for Finish Goods in warehouse
  • Delivery Control and Transportation management (Recieving Order, Making Diagram, Booking truck)
  • Making Flow of information and FG ""From production area to Warehouse, from warehouse to Customer""
  • Purchase PKG Parts and Equipment(furnishings) for FG Warehouse
  • Selection of carrier
  • Control Logistic cost and cost down activity
  • Planning PKG Standerd
  • Making Working Instruction
  • Construction of the FG Warehouse(Rayout, KAIZEN)"

  • Age 25 - 35 year
  • Education University graduate or more
  • Experience 3 years or more
  • Skill & Experience
    • Essential
      • Computer : MS-Office ( Excel, Word, Power Point )
      • Work experience
        • Experienced "Logistic and Warehouse Control".
          • Experienced "Inventory control and making rayout of Warehouse"
          • Experienced "Receiving and Delivery Control (GR/GI Control)"
          • Experienced "Handling Electronics Goods or Electronic Parts"
          • Can analize or know "4M" (4M = Man/Machine/Material/Method)
          • Can analize or know "5S" (5S = SEIRI/SEITON/SEISOU/SEIKETSU/SHITSUKE)
          • KAIZEN(improvement) activity for Logistic
    • Other skills
      • Understanding KANBAN system
    • Better
      • Experienced "Planning Production Plan"
      • Having a license for forklift
      • Experienced "Control of delivery materials for Import and Export"
      • Experienced "Logistic Company(Carineer or Forwader) or Custom Officer"
  • Humanity
    • Able to work and negotiate under pressure
    • Cooperativeness with concern section person and supplier
    • Leadership

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